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So, I have written A LOT of stuff over the years and I can’t link to it all or the internet would explode. But here is a cross-section (in no particular order but hopefully updated regularly-ish). 

Business and work

Zen versus capitalism – The Times
Parkinson’s disease: how a new device is helping patients to keep walking – The Guardian
Universities step up to demands for leadership training – Financial Times
Why neurodiversity needs recognition – The Daily Telegraph
From freakshakes to Hawaiian Poke – The Guardian
A very English jeweller: The Boodles story – The Daily Telegraph
Getting a fat duck to fly to Melbourne (Heston Blumenthal) – The Financial Times
Selling the unsellable – The Guardian
Reaping the benefits of sports sponsorship – The Daily Telegraph
Online past that can help shape your future – The Financial Times
Ask for more money before shaking hands – The Financial Times 
Investing in the circular economy –


The craft of reverse signwriting- Creative Review
How art is helping towns recover from Covid-19
Stage-struck older people get a chance to realise their acting dreams – Guardian
Why Puccini is punk as anything – Daily Telegraph

Social Issues

Disadvantaged toddlers and troubled teens – Guardian
Care Farms – Guardian
Lessons at the Sharp End – Guardian
Human Rights and Wrongs – Guardian Society
Nurture through Nature – Guardian Society

Travel and lifestyle

Hey, teachers, I’ll leave my kids at home – Standard Issue
I Love My Waddling Wonders –The Telegraph
Laughter-yoga – Jetaway
Going Solo Together – The Guardian
Flashpackers – Jetaway
Czech Please! –The Telegraph
Cruise Conversion – The Guardian
Personal Shopping in Leeds –Jetaway
It Takes Tea to Tango – The Guardian
Ibiza Uncovered – Jetaway


Glass house joins Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetery – The Times
Fuel for renewal – The Financial Times
A New Social Weave – The Financial Times
Rural Living 2008: Hi Tech, Low Stress – The Telegraph
The Paris salon in my loft – The Times
Ancoats heads Manchester property revolution – The Telegraph
Life in a Textile Town – The Telegraph
Windows to the Past – The Telegraph
When Less is More – The Telegraph
Cop the Perfect Family Home – The Telegraph
Plain Sailing – The Telegraph
To the Manor Drawn – The Telegraph
The Tardis has Landed – The Telegraph
How to Live the Wood Life – The Telegraph
From ‘dirty old town’ to shiny city – The Telegraph


The Man Who Makes Sure He’s In From The Start –  Financial Times
Rural school closures: is 45 miles too far for children to travel? – The Guardian
The Curveball Question – Financial Times
You texted, m’lady? – The Guardian
Streets ahead – The Guardian
What’s the beef? – The Guardian
On the road to somewhere – The Independent
Workers Playtime – The Guardian
Fighting Back – The Guardian
Varsity Blues – The Guardian
Calculated Risk – The Guardian
Recruitment: Grande Mocha with job prospects to go – The Independent
The far side of the tracks – The Guardian
Why Millinery is No Longer Old Hat – The Independent
Don’t Make Me Laugh – The Guardian
Striking a Different Note – The Guardian
The Great Divide – The Guardian
Comic Relief: Injecting your workplace with humour – The Guardian


(from back when you could make money from writing about the arts)

Will the Olympics really benefit the music industry? – Billboard
Dedication’s What You Need -–The Guardian
Journalists on TV – in search of the truth – The Guardian
Never mind the other panellists – The Guardian
Martha Wainwright – Word
Simon Amstell – Word Page 1/2
Bucked Up – Guardian Unlimited Culture
Hilary Hahn cover story – The Strad (Page 1/2/3/4)


I learned to swim aged 38 and I didn’t even trim my pubes – The Daily Telegraph (I know!)
Home edding column – Standard Issue
For the children of hoarders – Standard Issue

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