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I run and co-run a range of courses for writers, wannabe writers and businesses wanting to get to grips with their press and media.

My six-week course, Muse Flash, is for both budding writers and jobbing writers who want to regain their mojo.

Have you found yourself in an ideas rut? Are your emails to editors falling on deaf ears? Do you just need a virtual kick up the pants? Then allow us to give you an (in the words of one former student) intravenous adrenaline boost. Through a mixture of notes, emails and vlogs (we’ll even brush our hair!) we’ll ensure you get the most up-to-date and relevant content to suit you.

Media Skills for Business


My Media Skills for Business courses are bespoke, based on a general four-week format, with an emphasis on storytelling but with a large dollop of practical stuff, such as how to write press releases, how not to annoy journalists and how to get yourself known as an expert in your field.

For more information on any courses or general bespoke media training, pleaseĀ email me.